“Get to the bottom of blackouts’’-Chakwera orders Energy Minister

Aug 22, 2022

Mondays are mostly dubbed as lazy days but there is no such thing as Monday Blues for President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera. Today, has been another of the busiest days as he had to attend to matters of national interest.

Most of President Chakwera’s daily undertakings are done silently but today he had to tell the nation what he had been up to. Among several engagements, President Chakwera had to attend to the issues of the blackouts which engulfed the nation over the weekend.

President Chakwera has been sickened by the national blackouts and as a matter of urgency he has instructed the Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola to hold a meeting with officials from EGENCO and ESCOM to get to the bottom of the system shut down which has been attributed to be the cause of the blackouts and further be appraised of the progress made on the rehabilitation of Kapichira Power Plant which was damaged by tropical cyclone.

Writing on his Facebook page, President Chakwera said: “I have deployed the Minister of Energy to hold meetings with the Heads of ESCOM and EGENCO to get to the bottom of the cause of the system shut down that result in a nationwide blackout over the weekend, as well as to track the progress being made on rehabilitating the cyclone-damaged Kapichira Power Plant.”

The country experienced intermittent power supply and in some parts of the country they had no power at all, prompting ESCOM to issue Press Statements explaining the cause of the power outages which they attributed to the shutting down of the system. President Chakwera has been on top of every matter affecting Malawians and this one example of his proactive leadership.

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