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Goa Airport Police confisticates 4 kgs of Apomorphine from a Malawian Lady.

May 12, 2022
Malawian Lady arrested

Malawian Lady Arrested in India at Dabolim, Goa Airport

Reporting from India:
Goa Airport: Reports reaching us fro m India indicates that around 1am on the 5th of May, Daboliam-Goa Airport, Police confiscated 4kgs of Apomorphine drugs from a foreign national holding a Malawian Passport who boarded Air India AI 994 . The estimated worth of the seized narcotic substance, suspected to be Apormophine is approximately more than $3000 per Kg on the international market.
Findings have prooven that according to her phone whatsapp conversations she w as communicating with a Malawian number (+265) and an Italy Number (+39)  containin g all the necessary directions of where and how to deliver the substance. Police are suspecting that these could be her counterparts or buyers and are now busy tracing these numbers with the help of Interpol, Italy Service providers (Wind Tre, Telecom Italia (TIM), and Vodafone) and Malawi Service providers (TNM and Airtel) in attempt to find her counterparts so that they face the law together with her. The Malawian lady caught with the contraband was coming to India, Goa from Cape town via Dubai according to the details and stamps in her Malawian passport. She was caught by the Immigration officials after receiving tips from air hosteses  that the bag she was carrying was suspicious.
“Upon being caught by the officials earlier on that day during immigration arrival stamps, she showed that she came on a business visa and claimed that she was going to Goa to book a Hotel. Upon being asked as to why she  carried the drug, she never gave convincing answers which led the police to suspect her of a malicious move” One Police Woman  reported.
This made them to take her inside to conduct a clear search. The Police found that the bag contained  packets
 of this drug inside the false partition of the luggage, which was very carefully hidden.
The drugs were concealed in packs, which had originated from South Africa. She is now being kept by the Police inorder to do more investigations before the law takes its course. The drugs have by far been seized and are in the hands of the police pending further laboratory scruitny and testing by the Indian Narcotics Control Bureau.
The Malawian Lady will appear before the court, in order to answer charges of being found with Narcotics which is against The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of India, 1985, commonly referred to as the NDPS Act.
We will keep you updated on the way forward of the story.
4 thoughts on “Goa Airport Police confisticates 4 kgs of Apomorphine from a Malawian Lady.”
  1. This is very pathetic, Why indulging into such a risky business??????????????????? Why Malawi

  2. Kodi chikumakhala chili chani kumapanga risk Moyo choncho, Pena zina osamaziputa dala amalawi. Apa muzunzitsa abale komanso anthu kumudzi kuno. KUmaganiza musanapange zinthu

  3. Amalawi Anzanga, Chikumakhala chili chani. Zilizonse muchite nawo. This is a bad development.

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