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Good News on Corruption Fight That’s Not Being Told

Mar 31, 2022

Hon Peter Dimba writes:

So the Transparency International using Corruption Perception Index offers an annual snapshot of the relative degree of corruption by ranking Countries and territories from all over the world.

The good news that’s not being told and celebrated is that Malawi has tremendously improved on the corruption perception index of 2021 (the index of 2022 will be released towards the end of this year).

Malawi has moved from position 129 out of 180 countries to position 110 jumping up by 19 steps and scoring 35% up from 30% in 2020.
This has never happened in recent history.
Whatever we are doing in the fight against corruption, let’s keep doing it.It’s working.

In my view, the bursting of the alleged Satar looting over the decades and subsequent debarment of the associated companies has earned us marks.The awakening of the citizenry in demanding more accountability from their Govt has pushed us up on the index.
The ACB’s vigilance aided by Govt’s non-interference policy in the corruption fight has also contributed to the improvement.

The Chizuma factor has also obviously shaken the ‘corruption industry’ and brought so much discomfort to the ‘corruption business’ as one friend told me kuti ‘boma lanuli sumudyelela ngati m’mene anzanu apitawa ankadyelela coz of Chizuma and I was like…’ don’t u think it’s ok kuti ife tisadyelele koma Malawi ndamene adyelele?’…Anangoti..’ah ok’

As HE always says, let’s not relent in this fight. It’s fructifying and there is hope for this country.

(For fact check, contact Madam Egrita Ndala of ACB)

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