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Good water management information system is game changer-Director

Aug 4, 2022

Deputy Director of Water Resources in the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Prince Mleta says adoption of Malawi Water Management Information System (MWAMIS) could prove decisive in pursuant to affordable clean water to all Malawians by 2030 (in line with Sustainable Development Goal number six).

Mleta was speaking during an orientation of directors and heads of departments of the newly created Ministry of Water and Sanitation about water and sanitation facilities’ information, extraction and management. The orientation was organized by Bawi Consultants.
The orientation which was held under the background of Malawi Scotland Regulatory Partnership (MSRP) underscored the paramountcy of information in the provision and management of water resources and sanitation facilities in the country such as ground water which accounts for 98 per cent of fresh water used globally.
“Information management is one key factor for good water resources management and development” Said Mleta at the off-set of the orientation. A sound understanding of water sources, human behaviour, weather pattern and climate change in relation to water provision and management is so imperative now than ever, said the Deputy Director.
The program which is being implemented under the MSRP is working hand-in-hand with District Councils and Development Partners like the Scotland Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Bawi Consultants and Baseflow to track status of water points and sanitation facilities through a robust web based application and use the information for informed decision making and resource planning.
“Malawi’s economy is heavily reliant on water resources-water for life, water for dignity.” Over the past two decades there has been an increase in demand for water due to urbanization and industrialization hence, the need for a systematic approach to manage and monitor water resources.’Mleta noted further.
During the orientation, participants were also drilled on mobile water (mWater) application use. The app is used to collect data (survey) and can be accessed by both officers at the Ministry and any other interested stakeholder.
The Malawi Scotland Regulatory Partnership program is a successor to the Climate Justice Fund Water Futures programme which focused on research, knowledge exchange and capacity building among others.

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