• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Goodall Gondwe hailed President Chakwera’s austerity measures on a point of knowledge

trust Chipungu’s voice at your own risk as he criticizes on point of ignorance

Since the collapse of what they called ‘’the system’’ in the 2020 election, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has never recovered from the setback.

To say that the party is in dire straits is not an understatement. The party is not only divided, it is also in chaotic state. As if the division rocking the party is do not have one voice. In DPP anyone can wake up and say something on behalf of the party. This is a mark of a fractured organization lacking. An organization that lacks decorum.

In the wake of the impressive Press Conference by President Chakwera on Tuesday the DPP ha been thrown into even more chaos as the party has been forced to respond to everything the president said. They are trying so hard to find faults in that presser which impressed people from diverse background.

Typical of a divided kingdom fighting against itself, contradictory voices have emerged from their camp. While the former Minister of Finance and who is also the party’s Vice President from Northern Region Goodall Gondwe; an economic luminary of great repute hailed President Chakwera for coming up with the plausible economic recovery measures, the party’s Organizing Secretary Chimwemwe Chipungu was having none of it. In a show of disapproval to what Gondwe said Chimwemwe Chipungu came up with his voice representing the party’s stance on president’s national address.

Unsuccessfully, Chipungu tried to communicate to susceptible Malawians what he himself cannot understand. What has been happening in the DPP has left people wondering as who is the voice of authority in the party because if not Chipungu then it’s Namalomba, if not Namalomba is Goodall Gondwe, if not Goodall Gondwe then it is the voice of a breakaway faction of Kondwani Nankhumwa.

But what is happening in the party is not surprising at all, if anything what is happening is the manifestation of how disjointed the DPP has always been.

It is unbelievable that at point Malawians entrusted power in the hands of these people who can hardly speak one language.

Now, if I were to choose who to believe I will not hesitate to trust the voice of octogenarian Goodall who expressed confidence in President Chakwera’s measures. His voice is credible enough to be treated as the gospel truth as he was speaking from a point of knowledge rather than Chipungu who was speaking from the point of ignorance.

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