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Governance experts commends President Chakwera fight against Corruption

Jul 26, 2022

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera continue receiving praise over the way he is tackling corruption in the country.

While Professor Patrick Lumumba was the first to commend President Chakwera for his stand on corruption fight, many Social and political commentators have joined him in praising the Malawi leader for the huge effort he is taking towards fighting corruption.

Speaking on Good Morning Live program on Time’s TV, Political Scientist Professor Wildge Chapima started by congratulating the head of state for the initiative he has taken of bringing all stakeholders to discuss ways the country can deal with corruption.

He said this is the first time and the first head of state to show this seriousness in fighting corruption. Professor Chapima said as Professor Lumumba said during a pannel discussion at an anti-corruption conference that corruption is like cancer disease this means that it needs all seriousness to deal with it because other cancers are curable while others are incurable.

President Chakwera on Tuesday, opened the two day National Anti-Corruption Conference at Mount Soche in Blantyre and called for a pursuit of a new Malawi without any acts of corruption.

In his opening speech, President Chakwera bemoaned the current status of corruption saying it needs a new approach involving everyone hence the decision to hold the anti corruption conference.

“This is a time to reset the moral code of our Nation. Stakeholders must declare how they participate in this new approach.

“The conference, convened under the theme ‘Resetting the nation’s moral tone’, provides an occasion for all Malawians to identify loopholes in the fight against corruption and forge new ways of dealing with the vice,” said Chakwera.

He also stated that it remains his administration’s persuasion that the best way to end corruption is by sustaining honest dialogue on how to create an enabling environment for everyone to do their job.

“Your government, under my constitutionally sanctioned powers, will continue to inspire the nation so that we collectively fight corruption without sparing anyone involved,” added Chakwera.

Invited, as guest speaker to deliver an inspirational talk was Kenyan orator Professor Lumumba who said people in power use their positions to satisfy their greed a development that feeds what he called a cancer of corruption.

“This continent in which we live and Malawi is in, is a rich continent. But this continent continues to punch below its weight because we don’t use our resources respectively, because many of our sons have made greed their creed.

“The laws are innocent at times in countries like Malawi. Despite all law enforcement agencies being there, somehow we don’t do the right things to end corruption,” said Prof. Lumumba.

He further warned that while the “children of light” are strategising to fight corruption during the day, the “children of darkness” are planning new ways of corruption in the night hence the need to be vigilant.

At the conference, President Chakwera later also directed Secretary to President and Cabinet (SPC) Collen Zamba to initiate Malawi’s rejoining of the Open Society Governance Partnership (OSGP) before the year ends.

At the conference, panel discussion was also held to reflect on how the country is progressing in the corruption fight.

The panelists included SPC Zamba, Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Dorothy NyaKaunda Kamanga, former CEO of the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) Jimmy Lipunga and Dean of Faculty of University of Malawi’s Social Sciences Department Happy Kayuni.

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