Government bemoans shortcuts in procurement and financial management 

Aug 11, 2022

The Secretary to the Office of President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba says there are still issues of procurement, and financial management in the civil service that need to be addressed.

Zamba said this on Friday at Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) where she hold a meeting with the Principle secretaries of Ministries, departments and Agencies under her vision of restoring the dignity of the civil service in terms of performance and efficiency .

“One of the objectives as charged by the president on this position is the optimal use of resources both financial and human.

“I have already discussed with the Director General of public procurement to have a session with the PS’s whereby they should be taken through their responsibilities, because them as controlling officers are answerable even to the Public Accounts Committee on the way the resources are being used,” she said.

The Secretary to the President further said the current arrangement places the Procurement Department Committee as the one in charge of everything yet it is a team that is doing things on behalf of the controlling officers (PS’s).

Zamba expressed hope that frequent interactions with the PS’s will help with the effective implementation of the national development agenda driven by President Lazarus Chakwera.

“The civil service is the nerve center in the implementation of the national development agenda. The PS’s are the senior management team of the civil service , you cannot implement the development agenda without having frequent meetings with the senior management team, because this is where you resolve issues affecting the implementation of the agenda,” said Zamba.

Zamba during the same meeting reminded the controlling officers to ensure that all austerity measures which Government introduced are still active.

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