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Government doing all it can to fight corruption-Kazako

Jul 11, 2022

Information Minister who is also government spokesperson Gospel Kazako has reaffirmed government’s commitment to fight corruption in the country.

Kakazo’s made this assurance following sentiments from the Human Rights Defenders Coalition Chairperson Gift Trapence who on the eve of the Africa Anti Corruption day commemorations lashed out at government that it is not doing enough to fight corruption.

“News that 70% of the total corruption in the country is happening within the public procurement system is something we should be worried of as a country.

“We need Government to seriously reconsider it’s position on its commitment to fight corruption,” said Trapence.

Trapence was making reference to what ACB Director General Martha Chizuma told a panel discussion last Friday that 70 % of corruption in the country takes place within the public procurement system.

Trapence suggested on the need for government to make ACB independent from political interference by empowering the Bureau with enough funding as well as well trained human resource.

But reacting to Trapence’s remarks, Kazako said government is already doing enough to fight corruption in the country.

“In the history of this country we have had an ACB Director General appointed through the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament.In the history of this country we have had an ACB which has seen a lion share of government funding than before.This seriously speaks volumes of government’s commitment to root out corruption in the country,” said Kazako.

Kazako further assured people in the country that no any form of interference will affect operations of the ACB.

Meanwhile, Kazako has asked people in the country to stop piling pressure on the state president to make public a report on public reforms which the president assigned his vice to undertake immediately after assuming office.

Lately there have been growing calls for the president to make public contents of the report with many speculating that the report contains information of corruption happening within the public service.

But in the interview Kazako said the president being the assigning authority on those that undertook the exercise he is at liberty to make the report public or not.

“Not all reports are meant for the public.The report was presented to the President for his official use and not the public.You might be surprised to learn that the president already acted on some recommendations in the report,” said the government spokesperson.

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