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Government has not appointed Ms Kampondeni to any Embassy position

Jun 4, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

It has been established that the stories which are circulating in the social media are false. Social media has been awash with stories that President Lazarus Chakwera has appointed Ms Tamara Kamponi, sister to State House Director of Communications Sean Kampondeni, as the first Secretary in the Malawi Embassy in Japan.

But according to the information from reliable sources at State House these rumours are not true.

The sources said Tamara’s name was suggested last year but it was just a suggestion and the appointment did not take place as people are fabricating.

“The name of Tamara was discussed at executive level and some officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The state president or anyone from State House was not involved in this process as people would like the nation to believe.

As per procedure names of Malawians are discussed then the appointment is made but this name ended at the proposal stage as she was not appointed,” said one source.

The source further indicates that Ms Tamara is still in the United States of America (USA).

The source said the social media influencers are propagating the same narrative which they did last year when her name came up in the discussions as a way to water down President Chakwera’s strides in promoting women into different positions.

‘’I can confidently tell you that Tamara being talked about is still in the United States where she has been for a long time. The issue you are hearing or reading on social media is false because it was the same news they propagated last year when her name came up in the discussions,” said the Source.

Since he came to power President Chakwera has made several appointments, some of the high profile appointments have been women.

Recently the president appointed Ms Colleen Zamba as the new Chief Secretary replacing Zangazanga Chikhosi. Zamba will be deputized by another woman Ms Janet Banda.

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