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Dec 19, 2021

BY Judge Katika

Minister of Gender has assured young parliamentarians that it will address their concerns on welfare that touches youths and parents during the period of Covid-19.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of young parliamentarians Patticia Kaliati said government has taken note all the problems addressed in parliament, such as early marriages, increase cases of child abuse, and said it is the role of government to protect the children.

She also urged the organisers of youth parliament to include children from all districts to take part of the parliamentary sittings in order to create child participation.

On her part country director for Save the children Kim coach said said the parliamentary sittings for youths need all stake holders to take part in organising the parliamentary sittings for children and make sure that children have a voice.

“We want to see parliament children from every district, and also to see civil societies taking part.”

However the speaker of young parliamentarians Victoria Ganamba said the two days of deliberations in the parliamentary sittings have discussed a lot of things that affects children from the country, and what they want is to see that all what been discussed should be addressed in all sectors.

“The deliberations that have been made, we want government to take them into consideration.”

The young parliamentarians have launched the National Child Parliamentary Guidelines and strategy.

The young parliamentarians has been organised by Plan Malawi, Save the children, and many organizations, and it has been a two day deliberation.

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