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Government to save resources as it bans lakeshore meetings

Jun 8, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

As part of the economic recovery measures government has banned all lakeshore meetings for civil servants with immediate effect with Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) Colleen Zamba being optimistic that the ban would help government stop wastage and save its resources.

Zamba announced the ban on Wednesday at a meeting she had with Principal Secretaries of various government ministries in Lilongwe.

Zamba directed that all government meetings should be held within the duty stations of respective ministries and departments. The new Chief Secretary further directed that all the parastatal board meetings should be taking place in the parastatal’s boardrooms.

“All meetings should be held within duty stations and board meetings for parastatals must be held in the boardrooms,” said Zamba
Zamba said these measures will stop the wastage of public resources. The just announced measures are part of the austerity measures announced earlier this month by President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to heal country’s ailing economy.

This directive put a stop to the tendency of government agencies and parastatal to hold meetings away from their duty stations. It became the norm in the past for government agencies and parastatals to hold frequent meetings at lakeshore districts such as Mangochi, Nkhata-Bay and Salima a move some saw as a means for public servants to raise extra earnings through allowances and other logistics.

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