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Govt pledges improved access to health services in hard to reach areas  

Oct 30, 2022
Government has reiterated commitment to provide improved access to health services even in hard to reach area across the country so to achieve universal health coverage.
Deputy Minister of Health Enock Phale- MP said this today Saturday in the area of Senior Chief Nankumba a hard to reach area where communities are using a grass thatched temporary shelter for a health facility.
Phale said the previous governments were neglecting rural communities saying it is sad to see people travelling over 20 kilolitres to access Health services.
“Am not happy to see what I have seen here, this was not supposed the situation, we can do better as a country and that is what this government want to work on, at this facility with support from our partner Global Aids Interfaith Alliance(GAIA) who are providing mobile clinic a lot of people coming here were to travel along distance to access these services.” He said.
The deputy minister said this is the reason the Chakwera administration intends to construct 900 health posts even in hard to reach areas to address such challenges.
Senior Chief Nankumba on his part said for along time his area has been denied development such as water and health services commending the deputy minister for braving the hard terrane to visit the area.
“This is what we call servant leadership, we have never seen a cabinet minister here, this is the first time and we are happy that we have spoken our minds and we know the deputy  minister’s visit will bring about good results and hope to people in my area.” Senior Chief Nankumba said.
Government has already started construction of Health posts in some areas across the country as a way of improving access to health services.

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