Healing the “soul of the nation” is possible with good governance-says Chakwera

Aug 11, 2022

“I am persuaded therefore that good governance can only be guaranteed by strong public institutions that uphold the rule of law, and I am even more persuaded that those who hold office in such institutions can only uphold the rule of law and principles of good governance if they are required to be transparent and accountable.’’

This is an excerpt of President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s passionate speech delivered to the attentive delegates attending the Annual General Conference of African Bar Association at Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe.

Anyone who has been listening to President Chakwera’s speeches in the last two years would attest to the fact that this was not an isolated message. For example, speaking to the graduating students at African Bible College (ABC) on 4 June this year, President Chakwera bemoaned the worsening moral standards. He said the problems we are experiencing in the country are as a result of lack of morals in the citizenry.

He said: “Many ills of our nation in every sector are direct results od decades of ethical compromise, leading to the multiple moral crises that we are currently facing as a nation.”
Again, delivering his speech on 25 July on the sideline of the National Anti-Corruption Conference in Blantyre on the theme Resetting the Moral Tone, President Chakwera asked for cooperation with the international community in the quest to strengthen good governance.

“This is in recognition of the fact that we need the support of the international community in our quest for good governance, because so much of the plunder against our nation involves international transactions and externalization of our resources. We have had our taxes externalized to the United Kingdom through procurement fraud; we have had our precious rubies externalized to the United States through mining fraud,” said President Chakwera.

All these statements underpin the lack of morality in the fabric of the society which for years has bled many vices such as corruption we are grappling with today. Corruption has become cancerous because of the citizenry’s sense of entitlement to things that are supposed to benefit all.

One cannot expect someone who is morally bankrupt to consider the plight of others. When one is transparent when doing things, it means he is accountable to the people he serves. Similarly, one would not expect someone whose moral aptitude is questionable to be transparent, accountable and enforce good governance.

Since day one in office, President Chakwera has been speaking on the need to restore the soul of the nation. President Chakwera knows that healing the soul of the nation and creating an upright society that will heal the soul of the nation requires multisectoral approach that is why he always finds it befitting to speak about moral decay and resetting our attitude whenever he finds the opportunity to address Malawians.

The soul of the nation may not be healed overnight, but with persistence as shown by the President, this should be a possibility.

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