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HESLGB launches strategic plan

Sep 14, 2022

Deputy Minister of Education Monica Chang’anamuno on Wednesday launched Higher  Education Students Loans and Grants Board 2021 – 2026 strategic plan at the colourful function which took place at the Capital Hotel in the Capital City Lilongwe.

Speaking during the function , Chang’anamuno said the launch of the plan complement well with the Government agenda of enhancement and access towards higher education.

Deputy Minister commended the HESLGB Board of Directors, Management and Staff  for the  remarkable achievement for coming up with the plan.

She said while celebrating this milestone, there is need to point out that  planning without execution, is just wasted effort.

She said “We have seen initiatives fail because an organisation or Leadership and Team hasn’t taken time to create an executable work plan to achieve the desired outcomes.”

Chang’anamuno urged the Board make use of the plan.

“What I can say is that the document which you have  laboured for  and have spent much resources on to have it developed, should not end up in gathering dust on shelves. Let us make sure that there is a work plan with executable steps, timeframes, budget, deliverables as well as resources to support implementation of the five-year roadmap  which we are officially launching this morning.”

Speaking during the function, Vice Board Chair Malla Patricia said the  launch of this strategic plan is vital towards attainment of quality and access to higher education in Malawi.

Malla said the Plan defines the strategic objectives, targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) which will be utilised to measure performance.

She said the Plan also identifies the funding required to achieve the stated strategic objectives.

This Plan outlines a disciplined approach to supporting the ongoing transformation of HESLGB by continuing to build on the foundation that has been laid over the past five years.

HESLGB will be working with the Ministry of Education and many other organisations which share its dedication to providing access to higher education and traning.

She the plan establishes ambitious goals and objectives to ensure that the board  continues with it services of providing  access to higher education to the needy and deserving students.

Speaking earlier the Board acting Executive Director Prince Phwetekere said the Board has sponsored 13,000 students using K5Billion.

Phwetekere said the board is targeting to sponsor 21,000 students using K11Billion.


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