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Homeland Security minister condemns violence as Bvumbwe fracas claims two lives

Jan 14, 2022

By Luke Chimwaza

Two people have been confirmed dead following a fracas that erupted between communities and police at Bvumbwe Trading centre in Thyolo Thursday evening.

Death of a person while in hands of the police steered anger from the community who in retaliation torched the police to ashes, reports say.

Meanwhile, Minister of Homeland Security who visited the scene to appreciate the extent of the damage has condemned the violence and advised communities to follow set procedures in resolving misunderstanding between them and the police officers.

“For sometime now, people started trusting the police, we had no such reports, it is really worrisome that some people can take law in their hands which has costed lives. I have advised Inkosi Bvumbwe and member of Parliament for Thyolo North to engage their communities and remind them on effects of violence in resolving misunderstanding. As a ministry, we’ll ensure that police services should continue around this area. Let me urge Malawians particularly Bvumbwe communities to always respect the law at all times. The incident which has taken lives of two Malawians will be referred to the Independent Police Commission to come and find out what really happened, but as i said, whatever happens, no matter what situation, Malawians should not take law into their own hands, they should trust the police and trust the process involved in resolving the misunderstandings.” He said.

On his part, Inkosi Bvumbwe has promised to conduct meetings with the communities to remind them on importance of following the law when misunderstanding erupts.

Last year, a similar incident occurred at Bvumbwe where a life was lost in the process.

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