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HRDC ask Govt to conclude corruption Cases

Jan 13, 2022

By judgement katika

Human rights defenders coalition (Hrdc) asks the tonse government to facilitate the establishment of the financial crimes court the will dedicate its time and resources to dealing with causes of public resources abuse and corruption with speed

Chairperson for the grouping Gift trapence told journalists on Wednesday that hrdc believes that abuse of state resources and corruption is root cause of the state affairs in Malawi and that it is time for serious action to rid the country of Malawians can start enjoying the benefits of their labour

Board members Michael kaiyatsa further said government should fast track the idea of creating a special court for corruption cases in order to make sure that the current pile of corruption cases are concluded

He commended the current government for promising to curb corruption in the country so he requested Government to walk its talk.

He said there is need to put promises into action. There is need for the tonse government to conduct assessment of his cabinet and reshuffle if necessary

However, we are also appealing to prosecuting agencies to work together in that act curbing of corruption and avoid selection of justice among Malawian .

This call comes after tonse government failed to arrest or to fire their cabinet ministers and government top office who were mentioned in the ongoing corrupt cases which involves misuse of government resources.

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