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HRDC calls for dialogue before storming the streets

Jul 28, 2022


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson, Gift Trapence, has advised activists in the country to start by engaging government before storming the streets.

Speaking on Tiuzeni Zoona Program on Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), Trapence said it is sad that most activists dont know what they want to achieve but only to achieve personal ambitions.

He warned that demonstrations are not supposed to be a trap of achieving personal ambitions and acquire unnecessary wealth but rather dialogue with government.

It is now clear that demonstrations in Malawi have failed to bring solutions in Malawi.

Unlike demonstrations conducted by HRDC after the 2019 annulled election, the current demonstrations have no clear agenda and have become breeding grounds for theft.

All demonstrations which a group known as Nzika Zokhudzidwa have been organizing have turned violent.

These demonstrations are organized to loot property belonging to businessmen and not necessarily to deliver petitions.

As we speak demonstrations are under way in Ntcheu and soon after delivering the petition, the demonstrators were also busy blocking the M1 Road burning tyres and looting shops in Ntcheu.

Honestly, time has come for the authorities to start new ways of demonstrating.

Former president Bingu Mutharika started to address this.

What he did was that everyone organizing demonstrations sign to pay for the damages.

Everyone is aware of global economic trends due to the Ukraine-Russia war compounded by effects of Covid 19.

Yes, Malawians are angry aggrevated by the above factors but we should not sell our beautiful country to the dogs.

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