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JTI bemoans inconsistencies of Tobacco Industry Act

Jun 24, 2022

By Senior Business Editor

The Japanese Tobacco Industry Company  Ltd (JTT)  has hinted the need to review and change some sections of the act saying they contradict each other.

In an exclusive interview soon after the Media interface at the Company headquarters in Lilongwe , JTI Corporate affairs and communication Manager Limbani Kakhome said there is need to review the Act especially where the law restrict maize subsidy to farmers on contract.

Kakhome said most farmers are complaining with the act.

“If you have noticed this year maize is so expensive and yet we are in harvesting season these things go together all the time,” He said.

Kakhome said Government through Ministry of Agriculture encourages crop diversification and while the act encourages that the same act discourages subsidy to the same.

Kakhome disclosed that as the Tobacco season may come to an end this month of July.

“As you all are aware, we are heading towards the end of the 2021/2022 tobacco marketing season which we are anticipating to wind up in July. As has been the trend over the years, at the beginning, mid-way through the season and sometimes at the end of every season, we meet with you, our media colleagues, to explain how the market is progressing, and give you an opportunity to raise any questions you may have regarding this and future seasons.” He said.

On Market performance, Kakhome described the market as challenging.

“It comes as no surprise to anyone that this has been a very challenging season for both growers and us as a buying company due to the weather impacts. The delayed rainfall greatly affected the crop readiness. To put it in context, following normal rainfall, transplanting of the crop usually occurs from mid-November to mid-December. However, this year, transplanting occurred from mid-December to mid-January.” He said.

On Pricing Kakhome described the prices as buoyant due to increased demand and that as usual JTI contracted growers are enjoying higher averages than the market due to their overall above average quality leaf presentation.

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