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Kamuzu Chibambo worried with slow pace in fighting corruption

Sep 28, 2022

Peoples’ Transformation Party (Petra) President Kamuzu Chibambo is the latest political figure to join other anti-corruption forces to call for the immediate resignation of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Martha Chizuma, accusing her of failing to deliver at the graft busting body.

At a press conference on Tuesday in Blantyre, Chibambo, who is also the spokesperson of the ruling Tonse Alliance, said Chizuma should pave way for another competent Malawian to continue with the graft fight which has stalled.

Chibambo expressed frustration on how the ACB boss has failed to deliver despite getting adequate support from government.

“The huge mess existing within the ACB has to be sorted out now. If for any reason you find these cases too hot, the resign now or show cause why you must not be fired,” said Chibambo at a press briefing he held yesterday.

Also weighing in on the same issue through a press statement in the same paper was governance and human rights expert, Undule Mwakasungula, who also thinks that Chizuma should resign or be fired.

The seasoned activist cast doubt on whether Chizuma has what it takes to fight corruption decisively and professionally even with the introduction of the Corrupt Practices Amendment Bill.

“It is clear that the new Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Bill has come at the right time but the nation still has outstanding issues to address within the ACB. The new law may not be implemented effectively with lack of strategic focus by the ACB and maybe some personality and conduct of the leadership. Implementing a new law in the midst of lack of strategic focus and direction, all this unprofessional conduct is a dangerous path in the fight against corruption,” reads part of his statement.

Undule points out Chizuma’s anomalies as a major setback to her delivery on the job.

“Since she assumed office 18 months ago, the ACB Director General has somehow seemed to have spent more time in the media limelight instead of focusing on the core duties. Time and again we have noted a galvanized army of social media advocates who push media agenda even when it was not necessary. This conduct many feels has compromised the efforts and impact of the ACB”

He also questions Chizuma’s lack of integrity in connection with a leaked phone call that caught her divulging operational information with a member of the general public which is against the dictates of the Corrupt Practices Act.

The human rights activist also wonders why the ACB director continues to work in isolation in total disregard of other key state stakeholders like Judiciary, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Attorney General, Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), Malawi Police Service (Fiscal Police) and Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

These are key actors in the fight against corruption guided by the Legal Enforcement Coordination Strategy.

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