Least We Forget

Nov 30, 2021

By Maclove Chowe Mangochi

The owner of David Whitehead Mapeto Faizel Latif and his team in Blantyre are busking in the sun after their case involving billions of kwachas was buried three months ago.

The Malawi Revenue Authority MRA is arms akimbo as the case whereby Faizal Latif stole from the public has stalled. But records at the Blantyre Magistrate Court shows that the David Whitehead Mapeto Faizel Latif has two cases of similar nature. He used to import car tyres in bulk duty free and were concealed in the clothing materials. However, some rogue members of staff from Malawi Revenue Authority were in the pocket of Faizel Latif and the three plus crooks were also arrested.

It is now time for the public to put pressure on the judiciary to speed up the case so that the public can recover its taxes. In addition, Faizel Latif is applying several delaying tactics like using the court to have a judicial review. Mapeto is using technics that have been applied in the past to stall cases as was done by Shiraz Ferera who was supplying firearms and allied materials to the Police Services. His cases have died and there is evidence from Yabana Construction who said over US 300,000 was kept in the ceiling of his wife’s saloon. This money was stolen by some on lookers and he never reported the case to the Police. But this is part of the evidence in the case. The ACB has the dossier and Martha Chizuma should call for this gilr.

This clearly shows how crooked Shiraz Ferera is and that he stole from the public.

All this delay can be exposed and re’start the case again. The ACB has all the case file and evidence including the Fiscal Police. But Shiraz Ferera is now a free man and continuing with his businesses. This story deserves to be exposed and his case should resume.

Other than Shiraz Ferera, there is Batatawa who is owned MK260 billion by the government under dubious deals. All this involves the Police service and Immigration and Citizenship Affairs Department. There is need to set up a commission of Inquiry into the claims being advanced by Addul Lido Karim.

A serving high court judge with energy and stamina should head this commission. Another culprit still enjoying himself but deserves probe and hand cuffs is Farook Gani who claimed to have been manufacturing synergies only to be bringing recycled synergies into the country from China, but Central Medical Store welcomed the recycled synergies without saying anything since the wicked farook Gani had palm oiled the system.

We asking the concerned authorities to summon Gani and Dr Feston Kaopa to explain their role in the theft galore.

We should not get excited with the on going issues in the media but let’s also not forget the above issues.

Shiraz Ferera, Farook Gani and Faizel Latif should not be left scot-free.

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