Lilongwe man testifies Prophet Kambale healed him from life-threatening cancer

Feb 6, 2023
By Watipaso Mzungu

A 34-year-old resident of Kawale Township in Lilongwe, Evance Gareti, has testified that he was healed from life-threating cancer at the Life International Church.

Gareti made the testimony on Sunday before a curious congregation that attended a church service, which took place at Mbinzi Community Day Secondary School Hall in Area 3.

Life International Church, founded and led by Prophet Amos Kambale, has recently made headlines in the media for ‘performing healing on any diseases and making prophesies’ that have come true.

Gareti said in early December 2022, while walking about at his business place, he stepped on a nail on his right foot.

Immediately, the foot and leg started swelling.

“I visited Kamuzu Central Hospital for help and the doctors conducted a series of scanning and tests on the leg. But to my surprise, the doctors diagnosed me with cancer and I was given a day of 28th December for another diagnosis,” he said.

Garet said following the accident, he could not walk properly, he could not wear shoes and was in constant pain.

While listening to Nkhoma FM Radio on the evening of 9th December, 2022, he heard about the moving testimonies from prayers, which Prophet Kambale was hosting at Mbinzi Secondary School Hall.

“In that program, I heard the pastor challenging people to bring along any difficult situation and God would heal it. I connected to the call in my spirit and on 11th December, 2022, I congregated at Life International Church where Prophet Kambale was ministering.  I remember vividly in that service the man of God was ministering on a theme “DELIVERANCE FROM AFFLICTIONS”, I knew on that moment that my deliverance had come. During the ministration, the man of God prayed for me and instantly, the whole pain, which I was feeling left me and I was completely free,” he narrated his testimony.

Cancer is a serious terminal disease that has claimed many lives the world over. But Gareti said one does not have to wait for the situation to reach a boiling point before meeting God through Prophet Kambale.

He claimed that God had anointed Kambale for such a season like this.

“If you feel you have an affliction that is causing you to be stressed and giving up. Connect to the prophetic Grace, God will reward you with a miracle and numerous testimonies. For your own testimony, you are advised not to miss the church Sunday services, which happens at Mbinzi Secondary School,” concluded Gareti before resuming his seat.

In 2018, Prophet Kambale healed a woman from HIV who had been on ART for years. The woman came all the way from Ntcheu to get prayed for in Lilongwe at the invitation of a relative who stays in Chinsapo.

She was later certified HIV free by the Lilongwe District Health Office (DHO).


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