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MACRA is operating within its legal mandate

Aug 23, 2022

We know that one Kondwani Munthali is a disgruntled man after his contract at the Malawi High Commission in London was not renewed by the Tonse-Alliance after they assumed power.

As educated as he claims to be, Munthali should be the first to know that the spectrum as provided by the regulator knows no political party.

He should be the first to know that there is no democracy in the space for everyone to use the spectrum anyhow.

Kondwani Munthali is on record blaming MACRA for being captured by the Malawi Congress Party.

In case Munthali has forgotten that MACRA is a regulatory body instituted by the Communications Act which mandates it to among other things regulate on issues to do with spectrum allocation.

Munthali needs to be reminded a spectrum is a scarce national resource and every country has a sovereign control over it on how and who to use it within which parameters.

Someone needs to pump sense into Munthali’s skull that spectrum is not a paid-up resource user.

Whether the broadcaster belongs to high profile politicians, as is the case with Kondwani Nankhumwa’s Maziko TV and Radio, they just have to pay.

And why should it be an issue when MACRA takes to task any radio or television thats fails to pay the service fee, when the operator agreed to pay for the space endowments in the first place at the time of the application of the license?

Any breach of these conditions such as defaults in paying the service fees attracts penalties. The worst-case scenario is that the regulators revokes the licenses.

It’s so sickening that Munthali is advancing his anti-Chakwera narrative on issues he is fully aware that the terms and conditions placed by MACRA helps to ensure that the services are protected and meet certain quality standards. With the growing public appetite for more information, faster communications and higher definition media means the demand for radio spectrum easily exceeds supply hence the strict regulations become a prerequisite because minus that there will be interferences of frequencies and that is the recipe for chaos.

I would have appreciated if enlightened people like Munthali would tell people that government generates revenue through the collection of fees by service fee by operators.

In this case we are talking about televisions, radios and mobile operators such as TNM, Airtel and MTL.

In essence MACRA is operating within its legal mandate.

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