Madame Monica Chakwera says Essential Health Services among priorities of Malawi Government

Mar 29, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The First Lady of the Republic of Malawi, Madame Monica Chakwera has said continuity of essential health services at all levels is among the priorities of Malawi government, adding that it has long attached great importance to the improvement of the health of the nation through the combined efforts of individuals, communities, organizations, and co-operating partners.

She made the remarks on Tuesday, March 29,2022 at Balaka District Hospital where she handed-over donation of medical equipment and supplies by Malawi Good-life in Germany.

“I am convinced that these beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, and other medical supplies will impact many lives. That many mothers will safely deliver their babies. That health workers and caregivers will ably provide care to patients with ease. That many medical emergencies will be easily managed here at the Hospital.” Said Madame Chakwera.

She then thanked the Malawi Good-life for the donation, saying it has come at the right time to support the government’s efforts through the Ministry of Health to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthen the health system, and contribute to a step towards ensuring that every person has access to outstanding health care, regardless of the status and background, hoping that it will inspire the government of Malawi.

“It is my hope this donation will serve as an inspiration for our government, not only now but also in many years to come, to continue investing in health systems and better healthcare for Malawian citizens.” Said Chakwera.

She then commended the healthcare workers for their hard working, support, and dedication, describing it as priceless contribution to the nation that has saved many lives.

On her part, Minister responsible, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda thanked both local and international organizations for their support rendering to the nation in the health sector, citing Shaping Our Future Foundation (a charitable organization run by the First Lady) as such one local organization working with her ministry, adding that government can not go alone to provide for the demands and expectations in the health sector as it remains so wide.

“The demands for medical equipment are huge and we are at a point when every health facility needs one or more of medical equipment to be replaced because they are old and hence obsolete. This donation has come at an opportune time when even Balaka District Hospital requires many pieces of new medical equipment to function effectively and efficiently.” Said Chaponda while having optimism that the donation will go a long way in improving delivery of health care in Balaka District.

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