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Malawi and Kenya are brother countries-Chakwera just had to attend Ruto inauguration

Sep 13, 2022

One thing world countries have realised in the last two difficult years of Covid 19 and Russian invasion in Ukraine, is that no country can survive without the help of other countries.

This is why President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s attending of the inauguration of William Ruto as the fifth President of Kenya on Tuesday is of great importance.

Even before the world plunged in those two perils, the phenomenon of global village has been prevalent and it was often said that what affect one country in global village affects all.

Kenya and Malawi are not only members of the global village; they are brother countries, sharing so many similarities and ideals. More important the two countries engages in trade exchanges and are rooted in long established bilateral relationship.

William Ruto is a not a stranger to Malawi. In recent years he visited Malawi on two separate ocassions. In August 2017, he visited. According to an article carried by the Maravi Post which quoted a source from Kenyan publication called Kenyan Eye the trip’s main aim was to lobby President Pater Mutharika to support the candidature of a Kenyan Amina C. Mohamed as the Chairperson of the African Union replacing Nkosazana Dlamin Zuma.

They (Mutharika and Ruto) discussed a number of issues aimed at cementing the relationships existed between two countries. Having said that, the Kenyan Vice President primarily came to ask Malawi to support the candidacy fielded by Kenya,” said the source.

At one pont Ruto also graced the Malawi Indepence Day celebration at Kamuzu stadium.

Ruto succeeds Uhuru Kenyatta, a man he served as the Vice President from 2013. After attending the inauguration in the Kenyan capital, President Chakwera will proceed to New York for the UN General Assembly.

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