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Malawi clocks 58 as President Chakwera urges Malawians to unite in building a New Malawi

Jul 6, 2022

Malawi President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has urged Malawians to hold hands in building a New Malawi full of resilience and prosperity for her citizens.

Speaking during this year’s 58th Independence Day Celebrations held at Bingu International Convention Center in Lilongwe, President Chakwera said time has come for Malawians to be a leading and shining example on the African Continent and in the world by accomplishing things other nations can admire, benefit and and learn from.

“Today, I am calling on all Malawians everywhere, here at home and abroad, to join hands in declaring through words and deeds that show the world that A New Malawi is Rising,” said President Chakwera.

He then called upon all stakeholders and developmental partners to take Malawi as a real partner by listening to it and join hands in developmental agenda instead of treating it as a victim of toxic relationships.

The President while giving examples of the Constitutional Court ruling of 2019 Presidential Election case, Zero tolerance policy towards lawlessness and corruption, various developmental projects taking place across the country, freedom of press, women empowerment in various sectors, and the country’s relationship with other nations, President Chakwera said it is a clear indication that Malawi is rising.

Turning to country’s unity, Malawi leader called on all Malawians to be united for country’s success regardless of their affiliations.

“And when they ask you why it is that we have leaders of various political parties peacefully co-existing and celebrating this independence together despite many dark forces trying to tear us asunder, or why the sitting President has made peace with those who suffered injustices under the one party state, or why the President lives at peace with his predecessors and his Vice President and accords them the dignity they deserve, tell them it’s because A New Malawi is Rising,” said President Chakwera.

And quoting the Gospel from the book of Isaiah Chapter 60, President Chakwera has since told the nation to Rise and Shine, saying its Malawi’s time to do so as the light has come with the glory of the Lord rising upon it.

During this year’s National Service of Worship to mark 58 years of Independence and 56 years of Republic, President Chakwera led the nation through the reading of Bible from Nehemiah Chapter 2:16-18.

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