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Malawi coaxes Brazilian Business Mogul anthropist and investor

Mar 22, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Brazil President of Confederation of Chambers of Commerce who is also one of the few rich people in Brizil Dr Cassiano Viano will visit Malawi to explore investment opportunities

Malawi stands to benefit from landing business deals following the news.

Minister Lowe and Malawi Delegation having dinner with Viano

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe is in Brazil on a business trip. While in Brazil, Lowe announced that he has been meeting different stakeholders to discuss business deals, including a meeting with Viano, the Landlord of Brasilia Embassy. 

Following the successful meeting held at Steak Bull a lot has been agreed so far to be accomplished and one of the agreements is for the Business tycoon himself to jet in the country in order to analyze business opportunities.

“The man has great connections to different business gurus across the world and I am very happy that within the short period of time we interacted,  we have already agreed on numerous issues among others that he will soon come to Malawi and assess the viability of investing in our homeland.” Said Lowe through his official Facebook. 
Lowe has since described meeting of the Dr Viano a successful saying he is a great man, a farmer, a business tycoon and what a great opportunity to have this man amongst the delegation who will help to unlock agricultural trade opportunities.

“Being one of business magnet here in Brazil and that our Embassy is housed in one of his houses,  we stand a chance of arousing his curiosity to invest in our land, something that will see Malawi as a nation developing economically.” Said Lowe. 
Viano has already connected Malawi Minister with some well established business moguls.

“Within our short interaction,  he has again connected me, not as Lowe as a person,  but as Agriculture Minister to some well established business gurus from different countries/continents who can also establish some investments here home.” He said.
Lowe has since pledged to use the opportunities available to engage them and lobby for investment.

“Will surely use this opportunity to engage these people of importance to lobby for an establishment of different investments that will solve challenges affecting not only our Agriculture sector but Malawi nation as a whole.” 

Lowe says Agenda 2063 vision is achievable but it will need very serious investor cooperation and involvement which can compliment our efforts in pursuit for realization of this vision 

Lowe has since commended Ambassador Dzoole Mwale for working hand in hand to ensure the trip is successful.

What Hon Lowe is doing in leading the Malawi delegation in Brazil on investment tour , is in line with the call by the Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera who commanded both Ministry of Agriculture and Tobacco Commission to go and hunt for more Tobacco markets in order to create demand. 

During the opening of 2020 to 2021 tobacco Marketing season at Kanengo Auction Floors, Lazarus Chakwera ordered the Ministry of Agriculture and Tobacco Control  Commission (TC) to find more Tobacco buyers, a move that will increase competition and deal with monopoly amongst the few existing Tobacco buyers.

“The Ministry of Agriculture should work with the Tobacco Commission on ways of attracting more buyers beyond the nine we currently have.” said Chakwera, “That way there is more competition and less monopoly among buyers, because monopoly is one of the factors that contributes to the disempowerment of the farmers power.” Chakwera was quoted as saying. 

Delivering this years budget statement, Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe announced additional measures on tax regime which saw removal of some Tobacco Taxes.

Business experts and economists held the decision saying that will benefit the Tobacco farmers. 

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