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Malawi Government set to modernise the MDF

Jul 18, 2022

In a move seen as moving with time, the Malawi Government says it is determined to modernize the operations of the Malawi Defense Force (MDF). The Principal Secretary in the in the Ministry of Defense Erica Maganga said this on Monday during the handover ceremony of the two aircrafts to the Malawi Airforce Xi’an MA600 at Chileka airport in Blantyre.

Maganga said it is important that the Malawi Defense is equipped with modern equipment to respond to the changing global trends of the modern times. Maganga said the two war jets will improve the operations of the Airforce in the country.

“Government is making sure that our security agencies are equipped with modern equipment to improve their operations. The acquisitions will go a long way in meeting that that desire,” said Maganga.

Speaking at the same function, the Deputy MDF Commander Lieutenant General Paul Valentino Phiri said the two aircrafts will help the government cut costs for VVIP trips and transporting the troops for peacekeeping missions.

“The MDF had some difficulties in terms of dispatching soldiers to the peacekeeping missions to different countries therefore these two aircrafts will ease some of those problems. The Jets will also cut costs which some VVIP’S incurred when flying outside this country,” said Lieutnent General Phiri.

The two aircrafts have been donated by the government of the Republic of China. Earlier, there was an acceptance ceremony in Xian Province in China which was attended by the Malawi envoy to the People’s Republic of China Allan Chimtedza.

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