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Malawi has a misguided Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa

Sep 28, 2022

On Tuesday 27 September, 2022, Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa in his wisdom wrote president Lazarus Chakwera asking him to pardon 19-year-old Mussah John, who was convicted for being found with Chamba, and former Electoral Commissioner Linda Kunje, who was convicted for obstructing a presidential convoy in 2020.

Nankhumwa believes, John’s matter did not warrant a conviction, but a fine.

On Kunje, Nankhumwa said: “I wish to politely appeal to your excellency, Sir, as a man of God, who understands the value of humanity at a level beyond the ordinary, to consider letting her go.”

This looks misguided and according to Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda pardoning anybody has its guidelines.

The pardon procedures under the pardon guidelines dictate that the inmate to be pardoned should serve, at least, half of the sentence apart from showing good behaviour.

Had it been Nankhumwa did proper research, he could have known this.

The Attorney General, while responding to Nankhumwa said his request is misguided and of bad intention.

The AG said there are guidelines and procedures the President follows before pardoning inmates, and not doing the same under external pressure.

Another misguided person is musician Fredokiss with a real name Penjani Kalua who has been organising demonstrations in Blantyre demanding President Chakwera to pardon Mussa John.

In his statement to the protesters before the march started, Fredokiss argued that there is selective justice in Chamba cases because some people who commit similar crimes are fined and released after paying the fine.

He suggested that Mussa may have been unfairly treated because he is poor and did not have a lawyer when his case was heard at the magistrate’s court.

Had it been Penjani made a good research he could have known and read the guidelines which leads to pardoning.

In this case Fredokis and Nankhumwa should not waste people’s time with their unwarranted mediocrity.

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