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Malawi launch Malaria vaccine campaign

Apr 27, 2022

By Judgement Katika – Correspondent

The Minister of Health, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has on monday 25 april 2022 officially launched the malaria vaccine campaign in lilongwe that is expected to reduce malaria illnesses and death for children in Malawi.

Senior officials at the launch

Chiponda said the campaign will target children ages five months to 22 months.

The minister added that the vaccines are expected to reduced malaria by 40 percent.

She further said that the ministry has managed to distribute 9million bed nets across the country in the fight against malaria.

Chiponda therefore called upon the media to help the ministry in the dissemination of the malaria vaccines message to reach out to all communities country wide.

On behalf of all the CSOs who fight for Malaria in the country, Executive Director for Malawi Equity Network George Jobe said there is need of more effort in awareness campaigns to achieve ending Malaria by 2030.

Jobe also urged different stakeholders to join hands in the fight against malaria.

The vaccines are expected to be administered to the following districts Karonga,Nkhatabay,Mangochi,Ntchisi, Chikwawa,Nsanje and Machinga

Vaccine implementation has been led by Malawi ministry of health and other 2 country Ghana and Kenya funded by (WHO) and anther partners

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