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Malawi on right truck to host AUSC Regional 5 youth games

Jul 3, 2022

Malawi is on the right truck to host the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Regional 5 youth games in December, 2022.

Delegation at NRC

Deputy Principal Secretary (PS) for Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Mathoriso Monaheng made the observation Saturday after Ministerial representatives toured the sports facilities and athlete’s villages following the launch of the youth games on Friday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

She said the spirit was there for Malawi to be ready to host the youth games and there was need for support from up to down.
“If they can go single handedly, they will not attain the hosting but this calls joint effort of all Malawians and all Local Organizing Committee (LOC) teams in the region, “Monaheng viewed.

The PS said the implementation should not be up to down approach and should start from Malawians showing their dedication and willingness to be ready to host the youth games.

“We handed over the touch to Malawi to host the games. We were supposed to host the games in 2020 but due to COVID-19 situation, we move to 2021 and there were a lot of things that were required to be done but we managed them and hosted the games,” she explained.

Monaheng observed that there was lots of lots work to be done and there was need to speed up some of the construction and renovations of competition venues.
She said Malawians should know that this is more that a competition and Lesotho has done this before and Malawi could do it also.

Secretary of State for Sport in Mozambique, Carlos Gilberto Mendes said they were glad with what they saw although there a lot work to be done but believes the people that were are engaged would do it.

“The venues will be prepared in time and my feeling is that Malawi knows that this is a challenge and all key stakeholders should be involved in order to progress. I don’t like to compare, everybody has its own time. I remember in 2011, Mozambique hosted the African games in Maputo, two months before the start the game we did have not have a pool for competition,” he recalled.
Mendes said government of Malawi was very engaged in the process of preparedness which gives the region more encouragement.

Chairperson of Regional Organizing Committee (ROC), Stanley Mutoya said was happy with the interest and supports from support Ministers from the region.
He said it was pleasing to note that Ministers were taking keen interest to provide support towards the setting up of competition venues and athletes villages.
“The tour of sports facilities and athlete’s villages was meant to appraise them on the status of preparedness and on how they could help to mobilize support towards games. Last week, some of the works had not started but now we have seen that some progress being made,” Mutoya noted.

The delegation toured Bingu National Stadium, Griffin Saenda Indoor Netball complex, Natural Resources and Nalikule Athletes villages, Civo Stadium and basket court and Indoor Aquatic swimming pool at Kamuzu Institute.

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