Malawi on the move to Canaan: What is in the K7 trillion package?

Nov 28, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula- Malawi Exclusive

On Monday 28th November, 2022, the Chakwera led administration received K7 trillion grant from Belgium based Bridgin Foundation that will help to fund various infrastructural developments in the country in the next three years.

The windfall is coming few days after government also pocketed US$88.3 million from the global lender, International Monetory Fund (IMF).

The developments are bringing about confidence that the Chakwera and his administration is on the right path to the promised land, Canaan.

Today, we are witnessing a new beginning in Malawi, that is, moving from dreaming to actually living the dream.

Here is a summary of what is in the package;

1. Construction of the much anticipated Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa University in Mzimba with Hi-Tech Livestock Industrial Center.

2. Construction and equipping of a Hi-Tech bioscience and fertilizer manufacturing industrial part at LUANAR

3. Construction, equipping, and full operationalization of a Hi-Tech Kamuzu University Teaching Hospital in Blantyre with satellites in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Mangochi

4. Development of power generation facilities with total installed capacity of One Gigawatt and related infrastructure upgrade and transmission

5. Construction of Twin Towers at Capital Hill.

6. Construction and equipping of Mzuzu University Teaching, learning and Research facilities for geo-mining and establishment of business park

7. Construction and equipment of MUST hi – tech technology and engineering hub

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the jovial Malawi leader described the grant as a game changer.

“This year, heaven has smiled on us by allowing Christmas to come early for our country. Never in the history of our nation has there been a developmental program as the one we are embarking on today with the Bridgin Foundation,” said Chakwera.

“There is no region of Malawi that will not benefit from this grant. There is no region of Malawi that will not have projects from this grant. There is no political party whose members will not benefit from the projects to be financed by this grant.”

The president said he expects relevant ministries to push all cylinders on the implementation of the projects, “and if anyone tries to look for ways of personally benefitting from these projects through corrupt means, I will deal with them.”

“The time for selfish people using government programs to fund side deals for themselves is past,” he warned.

“This is a time to work for the good of Malawians. Period.”

Finance Minister Sosten Alfred Gwengwe said the investments expected to be funded by the grant will help unlock all bottlenecks that the country’s economy is currently experiencing.

“The projects will go a long way in uplifting people’s lives in Malawi,” he emphasized.

Bridgin Foundation President Professor hailed Chakwera for working hard behind the scenes to push Malawi out of the current economic mess.

“The president is pushing alot to restore the diginity of Malawi people. President Chakwera is doing alot behind the scenes to push Malawi out of the current economic state,” he said.

Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) Executive Secretary Professor Adibala Ekwemu has described the imminent signing of a USD$6.8 billion governance agreement with Bridgin Foundation as a victory not only for Malawi but also Africa as a whole.

According to Ekwemu, the signing of the agreement is a product of two years of collaborative efforts and intense negotiations by a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

He says such a resource envelop brings hope not only to Malawi but also the broader continent.

Meanwhile, Ekwemu has prayed for a speedy implementation of all projects earmarked under the grant.

“We must run twice faster than the rest of the world.”

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