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Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera arrive safely in Dubai

Oct 22, 2021 ,

I have arrived safely in Dubai as a continuation of the journey I embarked on this week, starting with a stop in Kenya where the story of a new Malawi was told.

As your servant leader, I am committed to bring investment to Malawi, enhance cooperation with key countries and catalyse development so that jobs are created; lives of our people are improved via wealth creation and food security achieved.

During my working visit in Dubai, I am focused on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as it will play an important role in fostering economic growth and development in our country. I will keep you updated as we seal deals and conclude numerous discussions that will bring about the aforementioned investment.

I have lined up engagements with the political establishment of United Arab Emirates and a number of Funders for development projects. That is what Malawi needs. We need action.

In as much as I am campaigning for investment for Malawi, such investment requires skills and new technology to accelerate growth.

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