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Malawi stands to benefit from Region 5 games–Chimwendo Banda

Jul 14, 2022

Minister of Sports and Youth Development Richard Chimwendo Banda says the forthcoming African Union Region 5 Games are so crucial to the country, as it stands to benefit both economically and socially.

Kaferapanjira: Happy with the games

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporters in Lilongwe, Chimwendo says during the Region 5 Games which starts in December and will run for three weeks, Malawi is expected to realise at least US$2 million (almost MK2.3 billion).

Chimwendo said companies will benefit on Product placements, client recruitment, and new product or service introduction.

He also said the companies will have an access to over 100,000 physical spectators with
opportunity to benefit from media exposure as well as entrenching brand amongst youth to create life time
brand loyalty and generation of qualified business leads for partners.

Chimwendo said companies will have opportunities for brand activation through side events speaking and
presentation opportunities in game venues.

“There will be brand visibility to regional and international markets including the diaspora. As a country we will benefit from one of the established and popular regional sporting brands .” he said.

Added Chimwendo Banda: “These games will help to foster peace and security as well as increase regional integration.”

Chimwendo Banda said unlike Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime, Chakwera has demonstrated commitment on developing sports infrastructures such as the Griffin Saenda Sports Complex.

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of commerce and Industry Chief Executive Officer Chancellor Kaferapanjira says Region 5 Games have potential to boost economy of the country.

He urged companies to take advantage of the event to grow their companies by advertising them.

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