Malawian Pastors urges Exodus Vision to continue promoting, spreading and teaching the word of God in the country

Oct 9, 2022

By Brighton Tchongwe

As one way of promoting and spreading the word of God, the Exodus Vision has emphasized the need for equipping pastors with expertise of the Bible so that they do not mislead their flock.

Speaking during a two day training workshop for different pastors at Chipula Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority Njolomole in Ntcheu District, one of the Exodus Vision Team Leaders for Malawi Chapter, Fr IIdephonse Kwitonda said the aim of the training was to equip the pastors with basic information to be able to differencite between the good and evil.

Kwitonda said the training will provide the would be worrior with a wealth of warfare saying the seminar will help equip a host of concerned believers for far greater effectiveness in fighting a war upon which hangs the destiny of nations

“One of the reasons we are here is to try and teach each other on how much power God has compared to satan, Malawians understand the spiritual realm as they have seen and heard demonic activity all their lives as it is real to them,” said Kwitonda.

“As we begin the programs of the day just know that it is God has called you and the work that He started in you shall bring it to pass, always trust Him to guide you in all that you do during your stay in this world,” Kwitonda added.

“We have qualified facilitators whom God has sent us here who will be your instructors and they will guide you as you train in this ministry. We want to thank the Holy Spirit Whom God has poured in our midst shall guide and help us in our weaknesses,” he explained.

Kwitonda said if they quote the church history according to the Reformers, ministers needed a thorough knowledge of Holy Scripture, knowledge of the original languages of the scriptures, knowledge of the history of the Church saying throughout the centuries the church has also assisted on academic theological training so that its ministers would “be able to stand against the enemies and opponents of the chirch,” as Psalm 127:5 states, that they might be able “speak with the enemies in the gate,”

In his remarks One of the Participant who is also Chairperson of Fraternals at Tsangano Turnoff in Ntcheu District Rev. Mcloyd Bwanali said the seminar will assist the individuals of identifying spiritual friends and enemies saying they have learnt skills and weapons of dealing with spiritual warfare and learnt how to network and support one another in fight against spiritual warfare

“We need for assistance on Bibles and fraternals to reach out to other fraternals within the district to build a big team, we need an economical crusade in the most parts of the District,” said Bwanali.

“We need wives to be included and invited in such a training to equip both Pastors and the wife and we need to have centralised shelter and meeting place for discussions, fraternals, trainings in the name of Exodus Vision as well as to be equipped ergonomically through incoming generating activities like entrepreneurship,” he added.

Exodus Vision so far has trained about 43 Pastors in the central region but they are targeting to reach out to 250 Pastors within the central region namely Ntchisi, Dowa and Dedza District.

The training was funded by the Exodus Vision with a mission of equip Churches in the African Great Lakes Region for evangelism, education and economic development

Exodus Vision focuses on sponsoring orphans and other needy kids who have been abandoned and by investing in the youth and envision a fresh start and a building of a new generation for the region

Exodus Vision is committed to build and shape a new generation of people that have been confined in a cage of despair and ignorance because they think they can’t make it.

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