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Malawians commend Police for arresting Ntcheu Monster who ruthlessly perpetrated violence on a kid

Oct 29, 2021

Vincent Gunde – Malawi Exclusive

Police in Ntcheu has arrested Vincent Dzimazi, 38, of Gochi village in the area of Traditional Authority Mpando in the district suspected of perpetrating violence on a kid accused of stealing Irish potatoes.

Dzimazi, known also as Mgabi, is a well- known business transporter of Tsangano Trading Centre in the district transporting Irish potatoes from Tsangano to Blantyre, he also stays in Blantyre at Lunzu where he has a house.

A video clip circulating on social media on the morning of Thursday showed Dzimazi perpetrating violence on a kid caught stealing Irish potatoes, he tired the kid with a big rope around his stomach pulling him like a dog merciless.

He started hitting hard at the kid mercilessly using a metal bar as if he was hitting and killing a pig, the kid fall down and he pulled him to tie him to the vehicle which was packing Irish potatoes and in the process, he heavily lifted him up and threw him on to the ground as if it was a bag of sand.

The kid was seen unconscious after sustained spinal injuries in what many following the video clip pronounced him dead at the same pot, but it was very surprising to note that not even  one of the on-lookers attempted to rescue the kid from the merciless beatings with some little children, all watching this drama.

Dzimazi has been locked up in police custody at Ntcheu police station and police is also checking up the condition of the victim at the Ntcheu District Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group Commander in Chief and Pioneer of Mindset Change project, Bantu Saunders Jumah, has joined Malawians calling on Government to revisit, review and amend the laws that protect children in Malawi.

Jumah said some children in Malawi are facing hunger alongside with their families and not all will find food in an easy way, saying Dzimazi must face punishment he is an enemy of destruction, demanding a stiffer punishment to deter other would-be offenders of treating kids as not human.

He said it is sad that Malawi at 57 years of independence has no laws that protect all human as human citing in Tea estates, Tobacco estates, Indian factories, shops and homes where women are being abused and given children.

“No need of treating each other as not humans, let us all be weapons and tools of unity and peace among ourselves and not as of destruction,” said Jumah.

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