Malawians in Mozambique commend President Chakwera for championing women empowerment 

Apr 23, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

The leadership of president Lazarus Maccathy Chakwera continues to excite Malawions in the country and beyond. 

This was demonstrated last night at a function where Malawians living in Mozambique hosted the Malawi first family at a function which took place in Maputo, Mozambique.

Speaking at the function, a representative of Malawians in Mozambique Chalo Ng’ambi commended president Chakwera’s leadership for appointing women in key leadership positions. 

Ng’ambi acknowledged the appointment of the first woman High Commissioner to Mozambique. He highlighted that the appointment was not based on the fact that she is woman but her competency and qualification as demonstrated how she been discharging her duties.

‘’Your Excellency for the first time in history we have a lady High Commissioner in Mozambique office, who hit the ground running and the results are evident, she has been to all corners of the country including the insurgent infested province of Cabo Delgado’’, the representative said

Since he came to power the Malawi leader has made a number of bold appoint decisions of appointing qualified women to serve in various positions. 

For the first time in history of Malawi key cabinet positions have been entrusted in the hands of women, notable among some key cabinet appointments are the Minister of foreign Affairs being held by Hon Nancy Tembo,the Ministry of Education is headed by Ms Agness Nyalonje, Ministry of Internal Security Jean Sendeza, Ms Khumbize Khumbize Chiponda is heading the Ministry of Health, Ms Abida Mia is the minister responsible for Water and Sanitation while Vera Kantukule is the minister of Labour

Apart from the cabinet, president chakwera has appointed several qualified women to foreign missions, different parastals and government department.

Some of the notable appointments are that of Dr Agness Mary Chimbiri-New York,United States of America,Ms Esme Janet Chombo-Washington DC United States, Dr Calista is in Nairobi Kenya,Ms Stella Ndau is heading the Nairobi mission. President Chakwera also appointed Ms Martha Chizuma as the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau ACB.

Ms Chizuma is the first female boss of ACB. Another notable appointment is that of Dr Janet Banda as the Deputy Chief Secretary Malawi is one of the few countries which is championing women empowerment. 

Rwanda and South Africa are some of the fast growing economies in the world, the growth is attributed partly to the inclusion of women in decision making.

The appointment of women in various decision making positions is the commitment by the Malawi head of state to make women part of the High 5 development agenda.

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