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Malawi’s Asian Community vows to join hands with govt in fighting corruption

Mar 21, 2022

By Our Reporter

The Asian Association of Malawi community says it remains committed in supporting government of Malawi in fighting corruption.

The comments were made by the Association’s spokesperson Muhammad Bhana in an exclusive interview monitored on state run MBC Television.

His comments have come at a time a cross section of society has accused the Asian community of corruption following a spate of arrests involving some members of the community.

But during the interview, Bhana said not all members of the Asian community in Malawi are corrupt, and it is unfair to taint all as corrupt when only a handful are alleged to be involved in corrupt acts.

“It is a very unfair perception to allege that all members of the Asian community are corrupt. Not every Malawian of Asian origin or a member of the Asian community in Malawi is corrupt as some people would want people to believe. It is sad that some people want to parade this narrative. But that is not the case,” Bhana told the State Television.

He went further to explain that the asian community is law abiding and that it will help supporting government to the nocturnal vice.

“Let me assure you that we are committed in fighting corruption and we will do everything possible to fight corruption. We applaud and stand by the government’s stand on corruption, and we as a community will not interfere with any on going investigations” he added.

Bhana further clarified that the Asian community is not segregative as people may want to believe.

He said despite the accusations that the asian community does not invest in Malawi and extetionalises forex, the facts on the ground prove otherwise.

“Let me invite those that say we have not invested in this country to go to Lilongwe(Malawi’s capital city) and the other major cities and see the investments the community has made. It is sad that people parade so many untruths about members of the association,” concluded Bhana.

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