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Malawi’s enemies are its own people

Oct 6, 2022

Malawi is a potential success story if we (the citizenry) stop being our own enemy and start believing in our own story.

Unfortunately, there are not many people in this country who believe that Malawi is destined for greatness.

Instead, many choose to be critics and messengers of bad news to the outside world. And President Lazarus Chakwera’s call for Malawians to have self- belief and see themselves capable of doing greater things could not have come at an opportune time than this when the outside world sees Malawi on its way to greatness while his own people keeps on wallowing in self-pity.

See this contrasting narratives for example. Speaking during the signing of the Second Compact of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Malawi has the capacity to become the world’s food basket if the country adopts improved methods of agriculture.

This is what he said verbatim: “We are determined to lift people up effectively in various ways, to help people create their own capacity to produce food in a sustainable way, the food that not only Malawi needs but Africa and beyond. I am convinced that there is a remarkable positive opportunity to build durable agricultural capacity and production in Malawi.”

Blinken’s view of Malawi can be likened to the Biblical story of Paul and Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:6.

As the one mentoring Timothy, Apostle Paul noticed that Timothy’s faith was slackening and he wasn’t giving his best to the work of God.The scripture says Paul instructed Timothy to steer up the gift of God that was in him.

It reads: “Steer up the gift of God that is within you through the laying of my hands.”

Paul knew that Timothy had the potential to do more than he was doing. He saw the greatness in him which Timothy himself did not realise.

Pau was to Timothy, Blinken is to Malawi. He (Blinken) sees Malawi’s potential to sustain itself and become Africa’s food basket, a thing we do not see ourselves.

Sometimes it takes other people for us to realise our full potential. Timothy would not have done great spiritual thing if Paul did not notice the greatness in him. May be Malawi was waiting for someone like Blinken to tell it’s people to steer up the flames within them to take a giant step and become what is destined to be.

Two months ago, one Malawian prominent social media influencer wrote something which sparked wild condemnation from his friends in Zimbabwe.

The tweet said: “Malawi is a remote village very far from civilisation.”

While this influencer had no kind words for his country, some people in Zimbabwe rebuked him and one Fadzai Mapedza replied: “Why are you this negative to your country. Here in Zimbabwe we know that Malawi has fertile land. You have a beautiful lake and delicious fish species like Chambo and so many scenic beauties like mountains.Those are beautiful things to be proud of.”

So, President Chakwera was right in calling for attitude change if we are to amount to anything in the global space. Malawi is destined for greatness but we must be the first to believe that we can do great things.

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