• Mon. May 29th, 2023

MAM calls for coexistence amongst faithfuls say no to violence

By Malawi Exclusive

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has appealed to faith leaders to avoid mocking other peoples religions a development which may provoke violence in the country.

MAM Spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said this after angry people believed to be Muslims torched Emmanuel Church in Mangochi district. 

Sheikh Chabulika however was quick to say Islam is a peaceful religion and does not condone violence hence categorically condemned the torching of the church.

Sheikh Chabulika said MAM does not condone people to take the laws on their hand.

Sheikh Chabulika said MAM has meanwhile sent the district officers to quell the situation.

“We have sent our district chairman to investigate the matter and give us the full information. However, faith leaders should avoid mocking other people’s religions so that the existing peace and harmony should continue to prevail. Nevertheless, whatever caused it, we don’t condone violence or encourage people to take the law into their own hands,” said Sheikh Chabulika.

Angry people believed to be Muslims at Mpilipili, Makanjira in Mangochi torched Emmanuel International Church after the Church’s pastor, Gladson Njenekera, allegedly drew a picture, saying the image depicts God of the Muslims.

Regrouping themselves and equipped with stones, pangas, axes and other materials, the group descended on the house of the pastor to seek clarification on why he downgraded their Allah in that way.

According to one of the eyewitnesses who sought anonymity, the incident happened around noon and brought alot of tension.

It is reported that the pastor drew the  picture and kept it in his hardcover book ready to photocopy the documents.
“Unfortunately, when the photocopy service provider opened the book, he saw the drawing and in no time he showed his friends.

It was from there that the people ganged up and charged towards the pastor’s house and upon sensing danger, escaped leaving behind his wife and children.

He has since lost everything in the fracas.

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