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MCP catches big fish Ms Yasinta Chikaonda

Mar 26, 2022

Chakwera needs support of everyone

Malawi Congress Party continue attracting attention of big fishes.

Barely few days after Former Regional Chairman rejoined the party after brief love affair with UTM, National Deputy Director for Women in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Ms. Yacinta Chikaonda has dumped the party and join Malawi Congress Party (MCP). 

Welcoming Chikaonda in Lilongwe on Saturday, March 26,2022, at the ceremony that took place at the MCP headquarters, the Regional Chairman for Central Region, Patrick Zabron Chilondola said welcoming people of Chikaonda’s calibre in the party is a big achievement to the party and the nation at large, as she is capable of helping the party’s growth and development of the country. 

“This is another great day in the family of Malawi Congress Party, welcoming people of Chikaonda’s caliber is not a mean achievement. What I can say is that our party is growing. Slowly our bus is getting full, so am happy to welcome honorable Yacinta Chikaonda in our fold.” Said Chilondola. 

He further said people should not be threatened when such powerful people are joining the party as it is just a way of strengthening the it for its operations and efforts to serve Malawians well.

In her remarks, Chikaonda said that she has decided to join MCP wholeheartedly to assist the President who has started well in developing the country through his sound policies towards building a new Malawi. 

Speaking to media, Chikaonda said she has exercised her freedom as provided in the Constitution of Malawi in leaving DPP for MCP, a party of her choice. 

“To say the truth, the developments being initiated by our President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera need to be commended, and clearly shows how he is taking the country to a better level, if you see the entire leadership of MCP, you notice how it intends to rebuild the country. I saw it good to be part of this success.” Said Chikaonda. 

Further, Chikaonda told reporters that the leadership of President Chakwera has been so humble in handling national issues. 

“In Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, I see a servant leader. A leader that loves his country, because of different developmental projects that he has shown within the few years he has been in power.” Added Chikaonda. 

Before joining MCP, Chikaonda served as the DPP’ National Deputy Director for Womens, she also once served as an MP for the party.

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