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MCP not targeting DPP gurus-Chimwendo

Dec 13, 2021

Khiri Chattaika

Minister of Home Affairs Richard Chimwendo says the Malawi Congress Party led Tonse Alliance is not deliberately targeting DPP gurus but rather, those who are being taken to court have cases to answer regadless of their positions.

Since the Tonse Allaince came to power almost a year and half ago some top opposition officials including DPP presidential aspirants have been arrested with some found guilty while others are on bail.

The list includes former Minister of Home Affiars Uladi Mussa, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, George Chaponda, Dalitso Kabambe, Ben Phiri and Joseph Mwanamvekha just to mention a few.

Some opposition sympathisers have accused the ruling Tonse as having a personal agenda against the DPP and would want to frustrate its plans of returning power hence targeting those who have ambitions to succeed Peter Mutharika at the DPP helm.

Speaking during the launch of a K2.5 million MCP Youth Forum League at Mitundu in Lilongwe yesterday, Chimwendo said the MCP has no grudge against any opposition party and is not bent at anhilating the opposition.

Said Chimwendo.”Recently we have seen people organizing press briefings because some opposition figures have been arrested. What I want to tell these individuals is that MCP is not deliberartely arresting anybody but those who have crimes to answer cannot be left to scot fre. If they are found guilty they will be fairly judged and if not they will also be set free. We cannot fight the opposition because we are in a democratic dispensation and they have their own rights.”

Chimwendo hinted that while it is the right of any Malawians to demonstrate but demos should be done responsibly.

‘If someone goes on rampage destroying property then the law will take its course. As government we will protect any Malawian regaldless of colour, creed or political grouping,” said Chimwendo.

Chimwendo popularly known as the Bulldozer in political circles assured those who are in opposition now including DPP heavy weights that they should sleep peacefully if they did not steal any money from government coffers.

‘Not anyone who was in DPP was a thief and to those we are saying sleep peacefully but if you know you dipped your fingers in government coffers then the law shall take its course,” he warned.

Minister of Agriculture Robin Lowe concurred with Chimwendo that much as demonstrations are a right but they are supposed to be done in a peaceful atmosphere.

However Lowe sent the jampacked Mitundu Commuty centre ground in stitches of laughter when he intimated that it is tough for one to be in opposition especially when one used to enjoy the trappings of power.

“As MCP we survived 25 years in opposition but the party remained intact and steadfast because of our loyal supporters. Now when you see the opposition barely two years in our reign going to the streets you should know that they are feeling the heat. It is not easy to be in opposition ‘mungowamvetsetsa’.” Said Lowe.

MCP Regional chairman for the C entre Patrick Zebron Chilondola commended the country’s youth for standing up to the former government threats by taking to the streets a thing which he said ushered the Tonse Alliance into power.

“Slome of us had given up that the election s were stolen from us and we were ready to go home and lick our wounds biut you the youth could have none of it hence we atre in power today because of you. We will do our beast to make sure that the youth also enjoy the fruits of their sweat,” said Chilondola.

DPP President Peter Mutharika recently urged government not to arrest his party members but rather should concentrate on finding solutions to the high cost of living Malawians are facing.

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