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‘Mighty’ MCP scoops two seats, as DPP and UTM go empty handed

Aug 24, 2022

Official results of the by-elections which took place in the three wards of Wenya in Chitipa, Lupembe in Karonga, and Shire in Balaka have seen Malawi Congress Party (MCP) getting a lion’s share with 2 council seats while UDF got one, leaving DPP and UTM going empty handed.

In his official announcement of the results, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Chifundo Kachale said the elections went on well and that all grievances were properly addressed before the official results were released.

Said Kachale: “There was a total of 37,844 voters in all the three wards of which 12,284 turned out for polling, representing 32.46% overall. Total valid votes were 12,182 votes and null and void votes were 102.”

The MEC chairperson declared MCP’s Ronald Kayira of Wenya Ward in Chitipa a winner with 1,663 votes. Elisha Winga also of MCP was declared winner of Lupembe Ward in Karonga with 1,591 votes.

The MEC chair finally announced Dickson Jackson Wasili of UDF as a winner of the by-elections of Shire Ward in Balaka with a total of 2,545 votes.

The declaration means two strong contenders in the elections namely Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and UTM have secured no seat during the elections.

Speaking to reporters after announcing the results, Kachale described the elections as smooth saying there were no hitches in the process.

Kachale however said voter apathy characterized the voting process.

He has since encouraged people to be participating in such elections, saying it helps to recognize the value of Local government Councilors.

Malawi Government released about K569 million to conduct the by-elections in the three wards.

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