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Min Lowe surprises his Ministry with new year Gifts

Jan 21, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has become centre of attraction following erection of artistic work by Honourable Minister Lobin Lowe.

People are travelling from all walks of life just to admire the sculptures. The sculptures include a woman balancing basket with food inside, a she goat and a calf.

All of them are beautifully decorated by the newly unveiled painter , Hon Minister Lobin Lowe.

“When I was at my secondary school, this is a job that I was doing, I continued doing this job even at University that became my career after my education, that is why I said let me do this just to refresh my memory.” Said Lowe.

Lowe spent the whole Chilembwe day doing his skill he knows best painting the sculptures to give them a new look.

Lowe believe that Agriculture Ministry building should be distinguished from the rest of buildings in Capital Hill, by simply bringing some artworks that may define its activities.

“Thus is why personally I have erected these sculptures and used my painting skills to paint these sculptures. The talent I used to enjoy some years back and through this art, I used to paint different drawings hanged in some hotels.”

Lowe said there was a time when he used to earn all his living in painting.

“I used earn a living at a certain time through painting and drawing on shops in Lilongwe and some surrounding areas and after joining politics, my talent was never enjoyed again but guess what, I can still come to your area and do this job for you. But not for free, at least at an affordable fee.”

Lowe said the sculptures will act as identification for his ministry

“I am a very happy person now seeing that everyone who may need to come to our office can easily identify our office as these sculptures can easily give you a hint that this is Agriculture Ministry.”

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