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Minister Hara in a surprise visit to DRTS

Dec 17, 2021

BY Judge katika -Malawi Exclusive

Government through Ministry of Transport says it will expand road traffic services across the country, in order to reach the requirements.

Speaking after familizarion tour in Lilongwe on Thursday, new Minister for transport  Jacob Hara said there other malawians that took long distances to access road traffic services, so they lose alot of money.

Hara also warned the road traffic services not to be involved in corruption.

“Our nation has going around in cycles because of corruption, and so I made an appeal to the officers here,  that from now onwards will not be able to defend  anyone who is outside the law because is the Chakwera’s policy.”

Hara further outcried the challenges which the traffic is facing in terms of corruption which politicians intervened the traffic services. He said politicians who have huge vehicles do not pay their services to road traffic.

He directed the traffic officers that the era should come to an end.

However the director of road traffic services Andrew Kingston Sandula, said he is happy to hear that the minister has given a challenging task, to make sure that they should providing services to the rural malawians, and currently they are testing the module in the Matice, which is a mobile services in sights such as Ntchewu.

” We successfully  tested the Matice system in Ntchewu, salima Mulanje and Nsanje, so these are mobile services, and we are going to work hand with relevant key stake holders to make sure that we identify comfortable sights for us to start operating.”

He added in future they going to come up with well established programs, where clients will know where to find services.

Mean while road traffic is  saying it is having the disagreements with MOVESA, a contractor who is providing services with MATICE a mobile services, and the matter is in the hand of the attorney general.

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