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Minister Lowe calls for well structured Agri- industrial Markets

Dec 16, 2021

BY Judge Katika- Malawi Exclusive

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe has urged different stakeholders in the agriculture sector to collaboratively work towards setting up structured markets for some agricultural products such as soya beans and groundnuts in order to foster agricultural commercialization so that smallholder farmers could reap financial benefits.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of a joint sector review meeting in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Lowe said stakeholders should come up with strategies for setting up structured markets in places like Mgona in Lilongwe where a lot of farm produce is sold without following any strategies.

He said if stake holders can collaborate with each other, the sector can achieve more on a global marker.

“When we talk of challenges, we talk about collaboration. Collaboration within a family is essential, and in agriculture family there is competition but we should come together and build one house and export our commodity in a huge some.”

He further argue that AIP is a monster to Malawians, but it has benefited to Malawians hence there is more food on the market.

However, the co-op Chairperson for JRS Catte Lotti argued that there is still pressure in AIP.

“Don’t put me a word in my mouth but there is still a need for a country to do more in the program.”

The Agriculture Joint sector review meeting has been organised by USAID and it’s aim is to review the stakeholders performances in agriculture sector, and it involves the nongovernmental organizations, government and other different stake holders.

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