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Minister Mbawala calls for advanced technologies in mining sector

May 24, 2022

The Minister of Mining Dr. Albert Mbawala has asked investors in the mining sector to use more advanced technologies for better and more comprehensive understanding on spatial distribution of gold in the country.

Min Dr Albert Mbawala

Dr. Mbawala said this yesterday when he toured state of the art gold laboratory at Lumbadzi in Lilongwe which is owned by Inosselia Group Ltd.

The minister said he believes the alluvial gold mined on small scale is just a tip that the country has huge deposits of gold which are yet to be discovered.

“The advanced technologies to detect gold deposits will also save the land which is randomly ploughed in the search for the precious stone.” He said

Mr Michael Gorelik who is Inosselia’s Country Director said since gold is commonly invisible to the naked eye even with a hand lens, geological study needs to be devotailed with geochemistry, hence the construction of the laboratory in the country .

“Geolophysical methods can assist with geological understanding at both regional and prospect scales but cannot fully detect gold hence our facility provides fair, reliable, and accurate results for commercial gold analysis and refinement for commodity trading.” He said.

Inosselia Group is a progressive international investment group, with diversified portfolio of assets across multiple geographies and industry sectors, based in Cyprus but operates in ten countries across the globe including Malawi.

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