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Minister Mtambo calls for coordinated approach in promoting mindset change among Malawians

Jun 29, 2022

By Our Reporter

Minister of National Unity Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo has called for a well-coordinated approach in the promotion of mindset change, one of the prerequisites for the attainment of Malawi 2063.

Mtambo made the remarks at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on Wednesday when he opened a meeting for the Empowered World View Mindset Model.

Empowered World View Mindset Model is an approach by the World Vision that integrates faith-based behavior change through training aimed at changing individual attitudes and household dynamics through the empowerment of both adult and youth household members by changing the existing unequal power relations and restoring broken relationships.

Among others, the model is aimed at enhancing vulnerable community capacity in natural resource management, improving household economic returns, assisting vulnerable communities in managing shocks and other conditions and building communities with an Empowered World View.

Mtambo observed that people are now living in a time of profound disruption and planetary crises, which call on all citizens to show up and make a contribution that serves the wellbeing of all.

He said a central aspect of making such a contribution is the capacity to shift our minds and their entire settings towards more caring, inclusive, and interdependent perspectives.

“I am happy that through the Empowered World View component, the outcome has been encouraging as it has helped in building more equitable gender relations and shifting mindsets as well as reshaping perceptions on women’s and men’s roles in society. Yes, the record is impressive! There have been positive shifts in gender roles, norms, and behaviors particularly in how society perceived women’s roles in production and men’s participation in domestic activities. That entails positive changes in gender relations within households,” he said.

Mtambo described the symposium as timely, as it specifies with issues that are affecting the nation, which include human rights, cultural diversity, and education for sustainable development, among others.

He stated that the symposium carries is a practical approach to translating the intentions of the Malawi 2063 agenda.

“The symposium’s objectives reflects very well with the core mandate of the Ministry of National Unity, which is to civically empower Malawian citizens, and unite them regardless of the region they come from, tribe of descent, religion or political affiliation. This unity is required for the achievement of the goals of this country’s long-term strategy, Malawi 2063. We all know by now, I have no doubt, that the country’s agreed vision is to be an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation by 2063. This can hardly be possible if the citizens are not committed to peaceful coexistence which translates to unity of purpose,” Mtambo narrated.

The minister commended World Vision for developing the model, which he said would bring about mindset change among Malawians.

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