Minister Ulemu Msungama says Malawi ready to host Region 5 Youth Games 

Nov 8, 2021


Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama has told Region 5 delegates that Malawi is ready to host Region 5 youths games. 

Msungama was speaking at a press conference in Lilongwe after a week indunction of Region 5 Committee members. 

Msungama said Malawi is more than ready to host these games

“We are more than ready to host the games there is alot of political will and we are working as if games are starting next week.” He said. 

Msungama said for the first time Malawi will be having state of the art Aquatic and sports complex in Lilongwe while our neighboring countries have many of such facilities.

He then assure all the delegates during the ceremony that by 2022 all works to the facilities will be done. 

Chief executive officer of African Union Sports Council Region 5 Stanley Mutoya has since commended Minister Msungama for the strides made.

Mutoya said the minister has demonstrated commitment in handling the whole process of Youth 5 games.

He said despite covid 19 disturbances the Minister has managed to expedite the processes and as a region “We are satisfied with levels of preparations.” He said. 

The CEO has since announced that the Minister will since take over Region 5 Youth games chairmanship at a ceremony in Botswana.

Malawi will be hosting Region 5 youth games in December 2022.

Prior to the games countries to host the games do alot of preparatory works and failing to prepare well heavy fines and penalties are pelted to such countries. 

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