Ministry institutes Commission of inquiry over nationwide blackout

Aug 22, 2022

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola on  Monday announced the setting up of Commission of Inquiry to investigate and find out what are causing the persistent nationwide blackouts which the  country has been experiencing recently.

High level meeting

Matola said this  when he  engaged Egenco over the blackouts situation in the country.

He said his ministry has instituted an inquiry into the situation to establish if the challenges at hand are due to technical challenges or subotage.

The Minister says the inquiry will involve both Egenco and ESCOM and a report will be released to the public after getting to the root of the challenges facing the energy sector.

The energy Minister says government will not tolerate any foul play in the energy sector as it is an economic driver.

Egenco management team and the Ministry team have now gone into a closed meeting to discuss on the energy challenges.

The team is expected to disclose their resolutions to the media soon after the closed meeting.

Ealier today Malawi President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera ordered the Minister of Energy to go and fix the mess.

The order comes amid outcry from the general public of frequent blackouts and that these are affecting productivity.

Giving an update on State House Facebook page ,  Chakwera said he has been working in State House office today, Monday 22nd August 2022,  attending to various matters of national interest including the issue of the power blackouts.

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