Ministry launches Dziwani Innovation to promote use of clean energy

Mar 22, 2022

Malawi Exclusive

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change has urged Malawians to adopt the use of clean energy in order to avert effects of climate change, which the country is currently experiencing.

Mr Fox : Speaking to the press

Technical Advisor in the ministry of Natural Resources, Stella Gama, was speaking during the launch of Dziwani Innovation Hub For Cleaner Cooking located in the area of Traditional Authority Chadza in Lilongwe.

Clean Energy

Gama said through these initiatives and efforts on clean cooking technologies, Malawi can become a centre of excellence for cleaner cooking to ensure energy access for all Malawians by 2030.

“I therefore would like to encourage all Malawians, to adopt these clean cooking technologies, that reduce the amount of firewood or charcoal being used for cooking and heating so that we reduce pressure on forests across the country,” she said.

The Technical Advisor applauded the founder of Dziwani Investments, Alfred Chisale, for defying the odds to establish the rare enterprise as a young Malawian.

“My ministry commits to ensuring that you are provided with support and enabling environment for continued excellency. I wish Dziwani Innovation Hub the very best in its future endeavours, which are so important for our country’s vision and agenda. Let me take this opportunity, to thank the Scottish Government for their support. And the Cleaner Cooking Coalition, and the GIZ for organizing this visit. This gives me hope, that if we can all work together, we can resolve the energy gaps that this country is facing,” said Gama.

She urged Dziwani Investments to continue providing cleaner cooking energy solutions to the people of Malawi as well as creating jobs for the men, women and youths in the area and beyond.

“On 9th March this year, myself and the minister of Energy, launched the Malawi Clean Cooking Fund, which has been established to increase the supply of cleaner cooking energies, and fuel-efficient cooking technologies, specifically to reduce demand for illegal and unsustainable charcoal,” she said.

She disclosed that Dziwani Investment is one of the beneficiaries of the Fund, which will contribute to creation of jobs for women and youths in this area of Traditional Authority Chadza and Kalumba and beyond.

Chisale saw an opportunity, not only to protect natural resources, but also to set up a viable business, making portable clay stoves at scale.

In 2012, he started producing Chitetezo Mbaula from his home in Kauma in Lilongwe with a team of 15, of which 13 were women.

Currently, Chisale employs 29 people and has sold more than 175, 000 Chitetezo Mbaula cleaner cook stoves.

In addition to this initiative, Chisale also makes Mayankho institutional stoves, mainly for school feeding programmes, and has installed more than 570 nationwide from Karonga to Nsanje.

Currently, over 90 percent of Malawians use trees and other biomass for heating and cooking and she said that should be reversed.

Founder of Cleaner Cooking Coalition Conor Fox commended Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for his commitment in supporting use of clean energy.

Fox said energy security for all Malawians lies at the heart of the Tonse Alliance Government since they aim at ensuring access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy sources for all because during the COP26 in Glasgow last November

Malawi and Scotland signed up to the Cleaner Cooking Pledge, where both countries committed to universal access to cleaner cooking for all by 2030.

Fox said the signing of the Cleaner Cooking pledge reinforced Malawi’s Energy Compact, which was launched by His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera in the September 2021 at the UN Summit.

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